Holl & Lane Magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated to sharing the lives of everyday women.  We believe  that talking about the issues that are often left unsaid allow women the opportunity to open up and say "me, too".  Those two little words are incredibly powerful and we know they have the power to start real conversation and real change.  Our readers have come to rely on us as a safe space, a place that allows them to open up and be real about who they are and what they're going through.  And we don't take that lightly.  We want our magazine to empower women to live in the skin they're in.  We want to celebrate their authentic lives.

Our reader, Chelsea, puts it best: "This isn't a magazine. This is a lifeline. This is someone, somewhere, saying you are not alone. This is a revolution to show women, you are perfect as you are and there are other women just like you who have been standing right where you feel you are right now. It's just that now, because of H&L, you know you are not standing there alone."



A sponsorship is not an ad.  We are looking for partners who believe in the mission behind Holl & Lane and who want to help us empower women across the world.

Sponsors allow us the chance to continue producing the high quality, beautiful issues our readers have come to know and love.  They allow us to give back to others by offering free copies to those who work with women in trouble.  And they allow us the opportunity to host events and in-person meetups to truly build the sense of community we're striving for.  It also gives the sponsor the opportunity to give back to a small, woman-owned business.

So what does the sponsor receive?

  • Your logo will be featured on our sponsor page in each print and digital issue that you are a part of with short blurb about your company and a link to your website.
  • Your logo will be listed on our website as a proud sponsor with a link back to your site.
  • In addition, we shout-out our sponsors on our various social channels as well as in our weekly newsletters to let them know that it is literally because of you that we are able to provide them the safe space we are known for.
  • A free print and digital copy of the issue(s) that you are a part of.

What does it cost?

$300 per issue, or receive a discount if multiple issues are booked at a time.

Quick Stats:

  • Printing 500 copies of each issue, as well as producing digital copies for 100+ purchasers
  • Issues have been sent to all 50 states as well as to countries around the world including New Zealand, Germany, France, and more.
  • Over 200 subscribers with a total social following of 10,000+ and reaching 68,400+ monthly.
  • Publishing 4 issues per year
  • Upcoming themes: Courage (Jan 2018), Aging (Apr 2018), Transformation (Jul 2018), Impact (Oct 2018)
  • 14 issues have been printed and sold with very little left in stock.  Most print issues sell out within a couple of months

Our Readers:

Our readers are women ages 25-35 living in the United States.  Most have been married 5-10 years with young children at home.  They mostly work full-time, and genuinely enjoy their jobs.  They are down to earth, un-fussy women who spend their weekends taking care of their family and hoping to squeeze some time in for themselves.