(Mystery) Issue 08, Digital Edition


(Mystery) Issue 08, Digital Edition

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In this issue, we delve into the unknown. The mysteries of life, the unanswered questions. Let us take you back to a time when you had choices and untraveled paths in front of you. Feel the butterflies in your stomach as you contemplated where you'd go, how you'd feel, and what you'd do. Let us be your guide as we unravel the complexities of being vulnerable, and of sharing how you navigated the unknown and came out the other side - stronger, wiser, and more certain of your place in the world. 


In this issue find:

  • Home tour in shades of gray
  • 10 tips for adding life to any room
  • Eclectic home tour to inspire
  • Trip to Malibu Farm Cafe
  • Lemon strawberry scones recipe
  • Summer macaroni salad recipe
  • Two flavors of "nice-cream"

And inspiring stories, including:

  • A journey through infertility
  • Eating disorder recovery and self-harm
  • Transition from one to two kids
  • Beautiful photography
  • Teaching and traveling in your 20's
  • ... and so much more!



I just wanted to reach out to you and say that what you are doing through H&L is amazing, inspiring, and good. I want you to know that you are impacting and aiding women!  What you are doing is different from a lot of the other movements I've seen. It's different in that you really do seem to care, to have a heart for this mission and I wanted to say, "WELL DONE!" - Emily D.

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