(Celebration) Issue 07, Digital Edition


(Celebration) Issue 07, Digital Edition

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Issue 7 is our 1 year anniversary issue, and fittingly, it's all about celebration. Who doesn't love a good party? Between party decor and the best recipes for your next gathering, we've got your next fiesta covered. And while parties are fun, we're also celebrating other important issues:

At Holl & Lane, there's always a reason to celebrate, and you are our most welcome and loved guests. We saved you a seat at the table. 


In this issue find stories on:

  • Colorful home tour
  • "Story behind the song" interview with country star Courtney Cole
  • A letter from EIC Sarah Hartley on what one year at H&L has been like
  • The girls who are taking on ALL of the London Olympic games
  • Engagement anxiety
  • Infertility Struggles
  • A husband that left after his twins were born
  • And so much more!



Let me just take the time to say this is probably the only page I can relate to on the level that I do. It's so contrary to the norm (in such a dynamic way). The world seems to be encouraging this "perfect" life. You can't possibly show you're falling apart because life is tough, or dare to not be yourself by embracing your natural beauty by choosing to not wear make up. So thank you! Thank you for honesty.  Thank you for staying in your truth although it goes against the norm. Thank you for providing such a liberating forum for people like me who want to embrace their truth, their honesty & not feel judged for it. - Genelle B.

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