(Transformation) Issue 17: Digital Edition

(Transformation) Issue 17: Digital Edition


The Transformation Issue

From the minute we enter this world to the moment we leave it, we undergo change. Big changes and small ones - life leaves an imprint on our hearts that grows and evolves over time. Every experience offers a lesson, even if we have to learn it the hard way. Transformation is a process that never ends and we're excited to see you all come through it relieved, renewed, and reinvented.  

Highlights from this issue:

I Survived Emotional Abuse
The alienation of a mother from her children at the hands of her ex-husband.

What Happens When You Stop Drinking
Getting sober wasn’t a magical solution, just the first step of many.

Battle Maquillage
Celebrating the strengths of womanhood through art.

The Transformation of Postpartum Depression
1 in 5 women suffer from PPD and it’s OK to admit that motherhood is HARD.

The Wilderness Within
Finding solace and healing in the great outdoors.

Hearing Crickets
How a cochlear implant amplified joy and discovery.

Laughter is the Best Medicine
Humor and healing after a serious injury.

Becoming Me
Finding joy in life again after the loss of a child.

Therapy Saved My Life
Getting help during hard times can be life-changing.

Redefining Love and Family
Coming to terms with the impermanence of foster care.

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