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Print the Love

Interview with Sarah Hartley, Creator of Holl & Lane Magazine

Since Sarah, Editor in Chief, is always working to create a beautiful space for telling other women’s stories, we wanted to ask her about her story! She graciously accepted and shared with us some of her truths!

Taking the Middle Seat podcast

Episode 21: Taking the Middle Seat next to Sarah Hartley with Holl & Lane Magazine

On Episode 21, I’m talking to Sarah Hartley, Editor in Chief of Holl & Lane Magazine. She describes the magazine by saying, “This is a revolution to show women, you are perfect as you are and there are other women just like you who have been standing right where you feel you are right now.” A REVOLUTION!! Yes!!! Soak in the whole Holl & Lane manifesto. We talk about the manifesto in our conversation and how it guides the intention of every issue.


Sarah Hartley - Creator and Editor in Chief of Holl & Lane Magazine (interview)

The voice of our readers and writers are brought to life through the stories we tell – whether in the magazine or on our blog. Having a magazine allows me the chance to design each article and bring the words that they’re telling into a visual format and hopefully impact the person reading it.

Positively Creative Podcast

Episode 63 - Sarah Hartley, Editor in Chief of Holl and Lane Magazine

Sarah chats about telling your story, building community around vulnerability, and being a work-from-home mama to 2 littles!

The Free Woman

Why Sarah Hartley Is Creating Honest Media With Holl & Lane Magazine

When pregnant with my first son, I was desperately seeking someone who would tell me that what I was feeling during my pregnancy (not glowing or beautiful or any of the other things the media tells you you’ll feel) was okay. I couldn’t find it. So I began writing on my personal blog all of these feelings I was having. The readers of my blog soon began to share with me their own stories and thanked me for being so transparent about it all. When that happened, I realized just how needed honest media was.

Creative Biz Rebellion Podcast

Episode 97 - Shop Talk With Sarah Hartley

Sarah talks about the indie magazine publishing world, the process for producing a magazine, and why it’s important to connect with your customers on a personal level when selling your product. 


My #MotherHustle Story - Sarah Hartley

“If the thought of stopping fills you with overwhelming sadness, then you’re in the right business—keep pushing!” HERE’S SARAH HARTLEY’S #MYMOTHERHUSTLE STORY.

The Misses Ambitious Podcast

Episode 122 - Sarah Hartley, Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Holl & Lane Magazine

Sarah, talked with Kiley and Blaine from The Misses Ambitious Podcast about starting H&L from the ground up and the mission behind her work.

Lightbulb Moment Podcast

Episode 34: Sarah Hartley, Outside the Comfort Zone

Sarah Hartley spent the entirety of her first pregnancy sick. A debilitating lack of focus, constant trips to the bathroom, multiple hospital visits for testing, a couple of falls…it just seemed to go on and on. She did not feel healthy, or beautiful, or glowing. At all.

She needed support but feared she’d be judged a terrible mother if she admitted to hating pregnancy. So she started writing about it on her personal blog. Readers soon began thanking Sarah for putting words to what they were feeling, too. She realized there was something missing in the media, and Holl & Lane Magazine was born.

Brunch and Slay Podcast

Holl & Lane with Sarah Hartley

Hear all about how Sarah came to start Holl & Lane Magazine.

Shining From the Shadows Podcast

Episode 019 - Creating Holl & Lane Magazine, A Sanctuary for Soul-Filled Stories

Sarah brought this idea to life four years ago while taking care of her newborn and wanting to share the reality of the 'not-so-cute' parts of pregnancy. From there this magazine developed into sharing stories on miscarriage and infertility, mental health and body image, love and loss and so much more. Holl & Lane is opening the door on conversation and shutting the door on shame, which I am SO about!

We are the Revelers Podcast

Chasing a Dream Bigger Than You with Sarah Hartley

I recently went on we are the REVELERS, a lifestyle podcast for creatives hosted by Randy + Misty Bradley. We chatted about chasing a dream bigger than you. I'm sharing all about Holl & Lane magazine and managing a work-life blend for working full-time and chasing dreams in the fringe hours. 

Listen if you want to learn:

  • Insight for juggling tasks when you’re doing all the things

  • Key advice for motivating and trusting your team

  • Why telling your story may be the most powerful thing you ever do

  • What it’s like behind the scenes of creating and publishing a magazine

  • How photography helps me romance the ordinary

Living Over Existing Podcast

Building Community Around Authentic Storytelling with Sarah Hartley of Holl and Lane Magazine

Sarah Hartley is the editor in chief of the print and digital magazine, Holl and Lane. A magazine dedicated to shining light on the importance of intimate storytelling. In this episode we chat about the purpose behind the magazine, why storytelling is important for both the writer and the reader, building a print magazine in a digital world and more! The purpose behind this podcast is to allow for women to share their journey, so I'm extremely excited for you to listen to this episode!


Side Hustle School podcast

Marketing Coordinator Realizes Lifelong Dream of Starting a Magazine

A side hustle featuring a magazine that tells personal stories and empowers everyday women.

Girl Untold

The Girl Untold Interviews: Sarah Hartley of Holl and Lane Magazine

Holl & Lane is a beautiful, powerful magazine which tells real life stories from real women for the purpose of starting real conversations. I had the privilege of interviewing the editor Sarah Hartley for Girl Untold, and I'm delighted to share this conversation!

Refined + Rugged

Cheat Sheet: Packing My Carry On to NYC

I really only need my wallet, sunglasses, makeup, and most importantly reading material! For my trip to NYC I’m taking along a digital copy of Holl and Lane Magazine.

The Real Female Entrepreneur

Episode 110 - The Growing Pains of Growing a Magazine with Sarah Hartley

In this episode, Lauren sat down with Sarah Hartley, creator and Editor-In-Chief of Holl and Lane Magazine, to hear her journey of taking this bucket list dream and making it a reality. Spoiler alert: making your dream a reality is hard and exhausting and not at all the glamorous Hollywood-esque journey you'd imagine.





Episode 78 - Sarah Hartley

In this episode, Alexa and Aubrey interview Sarah to discuss working full-time with a side hustle and a family. Sarah also shares how important it is to be able to say "me, too" with the stories in the magazine. 

Letters To Rayelle

My Holl & Lane Journey

I can’t speak for Editor in Chief, Sarah, personally, but I have read her magazines and blog and I can imagine there were times in her journey of starting Holl and Lane that she probably felt like it may all just be a bit too hard. She probably wondered if it would work. She probably had no idea who would read her magazine. But she did it anyway. And her doing her thing, led to me doing my thing. And my thing happened to be the dream of my life.

Raising My Arrows

March Monthly Must-Haves

This quarterly magazine melted my heart when I received it this past month. It is a truly inspiring dedication to all women to remind us we are not alone. They use shared experiences to connect women from all over and this month’s theme was “New Beginnings” and how they impact us all.

The Bluegrass Mom

Sharing Women's Stories: Holl and Lane

Holl and Lane is artfully designed with thoughtfully written pieces from women from various walks of life. Stories from single parents to the dating woman with beautiful photographs to go with each story.

It is a magazine that will leave you inspired and moved to tears.

It is genuine and raw.

Chic FB

Style + Substance // Sarah Hartley of Holl and Lane Magazine

Holl and Lane  was like that to me: there was something behind those gorgeous images, there was a woman, a strong, determined, loving, powerful, romantic, passionate one, definitely a talented and equally tunes team and a message. And the word was loud and clear HONEST.

Boss Mom

Boss Mom of the Week : Sarah Hartley

Searching for a magazine that featured real life in a beautiful way, that would give women a voice and a platform, Sarah set out to create that magazine and has been ecstatic about the response to her mission.  

Zest TV

Talking about the start of Holl & Lane, why it was started, and where it's going.

The Gem

A Movement Toward Honest Media with Holl & Lane Magazine

Sarah Hartley of Holl & Lane Magazinea forerunner in this shift towards honest living, has created a business by encouraging real woman to be bold and brave about the truths they have gone through. She fully believes that when you are courageous enough to tell your story, you are then helping someone else feel less alone.

Simply Fiercely

20 Ways I've Simplified My Life

I recently discovered and subscribe to Holl & Lane Magazine, which is a great alternative if you need new reading material.

Violet Roots

Exploring Women's Lives with Holl & Lane Magazine

On Violet Roots, I like to put the focus on amazing women whether it’s through my music, blogger or creative interview series or by showcasing brands helmed by female visionaries. Today is no different and I’m more than happy to introduce you to Holl & Lane Magazine. This digital lifestyle publication, run by editor and chief, Sarah Hartley, is packed with amazing women from different backgrounds and with various life experiences. All the stories are heartfelt and, even if a perspective is different from yours there is still value in hearing the stories of others.

The Gem

Studs and Duds

This Gem works full-time, is raising the most handsome two year old I’ve ever seen, and somehow also finds time to runs a digital and print magazine! As if that isn’t impressive enough, the concept of her mag, Holl & Lane, is to give a voice to the stories that often go untold by creating beautiful conversations.

Markets Media

Sarah Hartley: Editor-in-Chief of Holl & Lane

A lifestyle magazine is not just about life. It holds stories that make up our lives. It is a multi-faceted structure of ideas locked into one digital platform. Compiling multiple stories into one issue is a challenge, and launching a magazine from a scratch is a commitment involving continuous research, creativity, and a perpetual curiosity towards the world.

Markets Media Life had an exclusive interview with Sarah Hartley, Editor-in-Chief of Holl & Lane, a digital bimonthly magazine that covers everything from interior design, travel to family bonding and life tales around us. We asked Sarah to talk about Holl & Lane in detail and how she was inspired to launch her own magazine.

Sisters Marie

Magazine of the Month: Holl & Lane Magazine

We started following Sarah a few years back when she was pursuing similar passions of sharing fashion and lifestyle content. Not to mention, she had a great closet on Because I Shop Too Much that we were often perusing (and we thank her for that support!)  Fast forward a few years and she has made a transition from blogger to magazine editor which has been fun for us to watch and you can tell she has carried over a lot of the skills she gained through blogging. With that said, our September blogger of the month feature is a bit unique but focused on a person and idea we think you'll really enjoy...