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Every day, we are bombarded with what society tells us is beautiful. New clothing trends, the latest hairstyle, varying eyebrow shapes. The dictionary defines beauty as a person or thing that is pleasing to the senses. But beauty is one of those words that means something different to everyone. It can be found anywhere and in anyone. So, let us into your beautiful world. We want to know what beauty means to YOU.

Prompt 1: What/who do you find to be beautiful? Write down everything that comes to mind. Pick one or two items from your list and write about it.

Prompt 2: Write about a time when you found beauty in an unexpected place. Use vivid imagery so we can see what you saw.

Exercise 1: Go to a stock photo site ( is our fave!) and scroll until you find a photo that is beautiful to you. Use that photo as a prompt to write a short story that starts with: "I've never known true beauty until..."

Exercise 2: Author Julia Cameron writes: "Sight leads to insight." So, look at yourself in a mirror. Give it a good 5 solid minutes. And really look. Then, write about what you see.

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