Constant Content Creation

Lately, I feel as if I'm drowning in a sea of content, ideas, and responsibilities.  The thing with running a magazine (or really, for most businesses) is that there is a constant need for more, more, more content.  Aside from the literal magazine content to be curated, edited, designed, and promoted, there is so much more: the blog posts, the newsletters, the social media posts, the social media groups, the advertising, the emails.  At some point or another, you just feel burnt out from all of the content creation.

That is me now.

The past two weeks I've taken some information I've learned in a new course and been applying it to our Facebook page.  Because of this, I've taken over the content creation of our Facebook page (which is normally left to our Social Media Manager, Jess) for the last couple weeks in addition to the Instagram page, in addition to the newsletters, and preorder content and tasks and it's all just felt like a lot.

In fact, I even posted a bit about my feeling towards just being exhausted by social media in general on Instagram on Monday, but the feeling extends a bit to everything.

The need to be constantly curating and creating new content, no matter the form, can feel overwhelming.  The feeling that it needs to be perfect, even more so.  At some point (and the point is different for us all), we have to learn to be okay with taking a step back and giving ourselves breathing room.  Our business will not collapse if we push out less content or we post one less time on social media.  We have to trust enough in ourselves to know that we will be okay.