Welcome to the Editor's Corner!

As an entrepreneur and someone who loves learning, I love taking a peek behind the curtains of my favorite business to learn more about what makes them tick, what they're working on at any given moment and to get to know the people that run the business.  So that's what I want to do here in my personal corner of Holl & Lane.  I want to give you an inside peek at the goings-on of the magazine.  It'll be my little place to share Holl & Lane as I see it from my eyes.  You can expect to see a new post here every other Wednesday.  If there is anything you're dying to know about the magazine, please email us at assistant@hollandlanemag.com and we'll be sure to answer your questions in a future post in the Editor's Corner.

Check back here on Wednesday, April 26th for my first post giving you a look at what's coming up in May for Holl & Lane.