Introducing: The TRANSFORMATION Issue

Introducing: The TRANSFORMATION Issue

Transformation is a word that I’m fond of.  Whether it’s my hair, my style, the rug in the living room, or even an episode of Fixer Upper, I love a good transformation.  But in this issue, we’re talking about change on a new level.  A change that begins to bubble up deep down within your soul until it explodes out of you, rocking the world you thought you knew.

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Getting to the HeArt of You

Denese Russell.png

Our friend, Denese Russell is back with a new course all about finding the creativity in YOU.  We all have an inner critic that tells us the most vicious things about ourselves.  Denese wants to help you silence those with her brand new course "Getting to the HeArt of You.” Enrollment opens May 1st!  Each week of this 4 week course features a theme that will help you embrace where you are, find clarity around next steps, your gifts and the courage to move forward feeling fresh and inspired.

I want every woman to soften so they can finish strong. I used to tell myself this when running marathons... soften your shoulders, your jaw, soften something, so you can finish strong. And it worked. I want to provide a non-judgmental ear and easy reminders that we are not alone in our doubts and fears. I want them to feel heard and encouraged to get to the heart of themselves, to care for themselves so they have the energy to keep going, their way.
— Denese Russell


We asked Denese a bit more about her course....

On your website, you write beautifully about finding your calling: Gently nudge people to get to the heart of what it's in their heart, and then simply start. What does this mean practically for you and your clients?

I like to soften the idea of a calling by first acknowledging what you’ve already accomplished. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we did yesterday let alone the last decade. We spend way too much time wondering why we don’t have the energy or talent or discipline to do the things we want to do, or thinking that what we’re already doing isn’t enough, which is exhausting. Most women are so busy working and caring for others that they’ve lost a sense of themselves – which works until it doesn’t. We can’t go through life dismissing our curiosities and values or it will show up as restlessness, anxiety, depression, exhaustion. I try to create a space where women can curl up and get to know themselves again through simple practices that ensure they stay that way regardless of age or life stage.

The client testimonies of your courses speak volumes. What are some of the common challenges that you help your clients work through?

All the stories we tell ourselves… our desires are trivial, not worthy of time, energy, money, we’re not being responsible enough, or we’ll look like a fool… And, most people don’t think they’re particularly creative, including the ones who are professional artists! We have a wacky mindset when it comes to artistic endeavors, thinking “doing what you love” isn’t responsible. I try to shift perspective around creativity in general. Even if you’ve never had an “artistic” dream, only pursuing the practical can cause us to feel heavy, stuck, stifled. Everyone has a deep desire to express their spirit, whether that’s how they dress, work, or process. I help people see creativity more as an essential source of energy than a profession for a chosen few.

Still not sure if the course is for you?  Click here or the button below to get a FREE 5 day preview of what you can expect.  We think you're going to love it.

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post written by the H&L Team on behalf of Denese Russell.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Holl & Lane possible.


Issue 16: The Aging Issue


Aging is so complex. When you first hear the word, you'll likely think of wrinkles and graying hair. And while those physical changes are certainly a part of aging, it also goes beyond skin deep. Aging can impact your health, relationships, family, self-image. 

But you know what they say: Age is just a number. It can be fought against tooth and nail, or embraced with open arms. Getting older is just a natural part of life's journey, one that we all walk together.  

Today, our brand new issue launches.  And this one is all about Aging.  It's about the passage of time and the life changes that we experience as the years tick by.  With stories from women aged 20-90, we discuss the full range of life inside these pages.  We can't wait for you to see what's inside (check out the full table of contents below).


Inside Issue 16 : Aging

The Flood of Memories
How a grilled cheese sandwich can bring back the sweetest of memories.

Growing Up With My Children
A young woman’s journey into motherhood.

Working Hands
Perhaps hands are the true windows to the soul.

Self-Image as We Age
Extending grace to ourselves and our changing reflections.

Learning to Love From Nancy Reagan
How the funeral of a former First Lady inspired lessons of love.

The Same Person
A poem about our identities as we age.

My Undiagnosed Illness
Searching for answers as each test comes back clear.

Embracing Changing Technology
The world is changing faster and faster... can we keep up?

What is the Secret to a Happy Life?
Four women share their secrets on life, happiness, and gratitude.

The Second Half
The restlessness of life after all of the milestones have been achieved.

Changing Times
Women in their 80s and 90s share the impact of changes during their lifetime.

Time is On My Side
Maintaining a positive attitude about aging.

New Age Love
The intimacy of romantic and platonic love.

An Unexpected Season with My Father
The transition from daughter to caregiver.

The Timeline of Aging
Embracing aging and looking forward to mid-life.

Let Your Birdie Fly
3 ways to move forward as an empty nester.

Age is Just a Number... Until It’s More Than That
A mid-life crisis after turning 40.

The Age of Dating
What is dating like for single women of various ages?

Breaking Taboos: Stories That Shed Light on the Dark

Breaking Taboos: Stories That Shed Light on the Dark

From the beginning, we’ve strived to start honest conversations about our shared experiences as women. Because the more we open up and share, the more we let others know that they are not alone in what they’re feeling and experiencing. There’s no room for shame or judgement around these parts. Even so, there are still topics that people consider off-limits, often holding back from sharing their hearts because of fear. Well, we’re here to tell you that we’re not afraid, and this is a safe space. Always.

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Stories That Educate (Because Learning Never Stops)

Stories That Educate (Because Learning Never Stops)

August is “Educate” month at Holl & Lane, and we’ll be featuring stories here on the blog that relate to this theme in some way. Maybe it’s the time of year, since many people are gearing up to go back to school themselves, or sending their kids back. Maybe it’s the thought that no matter what stage of life we’re in, we never stop learning. Either way, we’re feeling the pull of knowledge and learning. So, let’s fully embrace the opportunity to expand our horizons. It’s how we continue to grow and develop mentally and emotionally.

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Now Available: The Body Issue (Holl & Lane, 2017 Collection, Volume III)

Now Available: The Body Issue (Holl & Lane, 2017 Collection, Volume III)

We're so excited to announce that our newest issue is now available in our shop. Featuring the theme, The Body, this new issue features stories of body image, documented through photo diaries, first person essays, interviews, and more. Body image is such an important topic for women as we've been made to believe that we must look a certain way. In this issue, we're removing that idea and celebrating ALL types of bodies and what they're capable of.

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Up Close with Charity: Family Abuse Shelter of Miami

Up Close with Charity: Family Abuse Shelter of Miami

One thing that is so important to us on the Holl & Lane team is giving back.  While we're not able to give much, I've made it a goal to donate to a new charity with each of our last few issues.  $1 from each sale of our issues goes to a charity based on the theme of each issue.  

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A Year of Change

All images by Genesis Geiger

2016 was an interesting year for me.  I entered it feeling lost and I'm leaving it feeling lost but somewhere in the middle I found some things that were really important.  Running a magazine is really hard.  I've talked about it on Instagram but I wanted to share a bit more with you about what life has actually looked like on this side of the screen for the year.

Direction Changes

2016 was our first full year in business.  We started the year with Issue 5.  The issue still had a lot of focus on things that didn't really pertain to the heart of Holl & Lane.  It was also only released as digital.  Around the time of releasing that issue, we were having a lot of internal team dialogue about the future and direction of the magazine.  I knew in my gut that we should be more focused on the stories, but I allowed outside influences to convince me otherwise.  So we continued on.  And each time someone asked me about the magazine, I only spoke of the stories.  Which in itself was a big wake up call to me - but one I still continued to ignore.

Eventually, we determined that Issue 7 would be the last issue that featured so many topics and that we'd scale it back to just being about the stories, interiors, and food.  Issue 7 was also our very first printed issue (a whole other topic in itself, see below).  Even with that change, I still felt in my gut that it wasn't right, but I was afraid to change it.  

2016, if I could sum it up in one word, was fear.  

At some point we realized our mission was truly the stories - to share these beautiful stories as far as we were able.  But we were scared again.  Would our readers understand, would they stop coming to us, were we essentially screwing ourselves?  But I knew that it's what needed to be done to make this magazine as honest as possible.  So, our November issue, Issue 10, was the launch of this new, more focused direction.  And since then I am feeling confident again in what we have built.  At times I feel embarrassed that it took 10 issues to get it right, but then on the other hand, I'm glad to have a clear line of how we got to where we are.

Life as an Editor

This year has been a rough one for me personally in regards to my time, energy, and motivation.  Working on the magazine while working a full-time job is more taxing than I ever imagined.  I had hoped to be going in a direction to make this magazine my full-time job, but I've recently learned it's much further off than I knew.  And that fact was a really big blow to me.  I started questioning everything and wondered what the point of it was.  But my husband asked me one simple question, "How would you feel if you quit?"  And my answer was, "miserable".  

But life has been hard on me and on my family.  I've missed out on moments spent with my husband and son.  I've had to say "I have to work tonight" more times than I care to admit.  My son is used to seeing me with a computer on my lap.  And all of those things have been really hard on me.  I've made it a priority to put my family first in the new year.  To allow time for both my family and myself, and to not feel like I always have to be working.  I now have an AMAZING team in place who has taken the weight of the world off my shoulders and I feel as if I can finally relax a bit and just let things run.

Growth (or Not) + Costs

We continue to see growth over each issue.  I'm now printing more copies than I ever have before.  This year has seen us ship as far away as Australia, and has made loyal fans in the UK.  But still.  Growth is slow going, and if you've ever built something yourself, you know how tough that can feel when others might not quite see the value in it just yet.  It can feel a personal affront, even if it isn't.

I know that things take awhile to build, but in the meantime I also have to worry about keeping us afloat in a financial sense.  Each issue to print comes out of my pocket first.  And then I essentially get reimbursed for it when they sell.  No sale, no reimbursement.  As you can imagine, functioning in this way is highly stressful.  I am paying for printing and shipping costs (which in 2016 cost $6000 to print just 3 issues, and are projected to cost close to $10,000 in 2017), along with normal operating expenses (such as the programs used to design the magazine, and background programs like subscription services).  We made the decision to scale back to quarterly (from bimonthly) just recently to reduce our costs, and also to give us time to breathe in between each issue.  I can only hope that this reduction will help us to grow as a business as well, in a financial way.  Because as much as I love doing this magazine, if I can't pay the costs, there is no magazine to do.

But on the positive side, as I've mentioned, we have seen growth with each issue.  We are not printing thousands of copies, but I'm okay with that.  Right now it makes financial sense to be small and scale appropriately.  I'm scared between issues that this will be the one that bankrupt's me, but somehow we still manage to get through it.

0C9A7538 (1).jpg

What I've Learned

The biggest thing I've learned this year is to just temper my expectations.  Some issues will do really well, some issues won't and that's the nature of the business.  I've gotten into a few indie publishing groups and to see that some of the big name indie magazines also struggle with the things that I do, it makes me feel like I'm doing okay.

I've also learned to really listen to my gut and take charge on what I believe is right.  Some people may not agree, but at the end of the day, this business is my responsibility and I have to make the decisions that I believe are right.

And finally, I've learned that there are people out there who are eager to help you if you just ask.  That starts first and foremost with my team.  These three amazing ladies keep things running along in ways that blow my mind.  I'm so thankful for them to be by my side each day.  Early in the year I  also swallowed my pride and set up a Go Fund Me because it was either ask for financial help from those who love H&L, or I would've had to shut down.  I'm so thankful for the people who were willing to give whatever they were able to keep things going.  I'm terrified of ending up in that position again, but if I do, I have to remember it's nothing to be ashamed of.  Lastly, you, the readers - you're always so supportive of everything we do. Your excitement is contagious and your willingness to help us spread our mission is so valuable to us.

What the Future Holds

I'm looking forward to 2017, and the new opportunities that may come with it.  These are my big goals for the year:

  • To take some time for myself and not work so much - to spend more time with my family (and hopefully even expand our family!)
  • To take graphic design classes so I can improve the feel of the magazine.  I don't have any formal training and though I know my skills have improved throughout these 10 issues, I know there is still a LOT of room for improvement
  • Refine the brand identity and promote the crap out of it!
  • Build our subscription list and expand our reader reach
  • Conquer my fear of exposure by participating in podcasts and events (I'm such an introvert!)
  • Get the business to a point where I'm not so concerned financially which leads into...
  • Pay myself and my team (even if it's only a little bit a month)
  • Redesign the website - maybe even with professional help!

THANK YOU to those of you that have stuck by us in what has felt like a very tulmutuous year full of changes and confusion.  I promise that 2017 is the year you're going to see H&L move from a baby magazine into something more resembling adulthood.  We know who we are now, we know what our mission is, and we're excited to share our message with the world. 

Wishing you an amazing 2017,

Sarah, Editor in Chief

Self Love Giveaway! - 17 WINNERS!

It's that time of year where we're focused on everyone else - trying to buy the best presents, running back and forth to family events, and generally exhausting ourselves.  So we wanted to remind all of you ladies reading that YOU'RE important, too.  We've partnered with some INCREDIBLE small businesses to do a massive 17 prize pack giveaway just for you.  We want to remind you to take a minute for yourself during this crazy holiday season.  So we can spread the love around, there will be 17 winners winning one of the prizes below (from left to right and top to bottom):

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A mini-break

On the H&L team we're CONSTANTLY working.  Working on the blog that you're reading now, working on the next 2-3 issues, working on social media, working on getting our name out there.  So for the next few days, we're going to be taking a little breather to enjoy time with our family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We'll be back on Monday the 28th with a HUGE giveaway you won't want to miss!