4 Steps to Celebrate the Success of Others

 4 steps to celebrate the success of others. Read more at Holl & Lane Magazine at www.hollandlanemag.com/blog 

Words by Madisen Quick

We've all seen the quote floating around our Instagram feeds: "Don't let the success of others threaten your own success."

But what if we pushed further and went out of our way to support the success of those around us? Here are four quick steps to help you make it happen this week:

(And if you're still in the first boat– when the sound of your sister's latest promotion or another friend's engagement sends your self-esteem spiraling– this is for you (and me) too. So often, in acknowledging the wins of others, they can become less threatening and we're able to see more of our own wins too.)

1. Pick Your Lucky Winner

Who's someone in your life who could use some recognition? Perhaps it's a younger colleague, your spouse, or a parent. Maybe it's someone doing a lot of work behind-the-scenes or someone taking a risk to try something new. If more than one person comes to mind, make a list. We've got plenty of celebration to go around. 

2. Open Eyes, Open Ears

In order to celebrate others' successes, we've got to know what they are doing. So next time you grab coffee with your sister or go to lunch with your cubicle-mate, stay alert to the work they've been doing.

Note! Many people, especially women, tend to downplay their wins. So ask probing questions to draw these out. It'll help you learn about their success, and help them recognize their own success, too! 

3. What Would Mean Most?

Now, I don't know about you, but a Facebook post of recognition from a friend would probably send me under my covers. So take a moment to think about how your individual would love to be recognized. It could be as simple as a word over coffee or a note sent in the mail.

4. Just Do It! 

This might just be the hardest step and I'll be the first to admit it– cheering on others isn't always easy. When we're taught to constantly see others as competition, supporting them can feel awkward or threatening. So start small, make it happen, then choose a new person to shower celebration on. 

I'd absolutely love to hear your thoughts on celebrating the success of others and who you're planning on celebrating this week. Comment below and let's chat!

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Madisen Quick is the former Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at Holl & Lane Magazine. She is a recent graduate of Wellesley College where she studied English and mathematics.