Unloved: A Poem

You don’t love me
When did I realize it
Maybe I absorbed it in the womb
Or when I drew my first breath
Looking in your eyes
Searching for something
That would bridge the gap
But you never really looked at me
Or at least never saw me
Only when I failed
The confirmation I desperately wanted
Twisted and turned inside out
Someone said you were jealous of me
And I think that it’s true
The reason escapes me
But the symptoms are there
Fueled by the medicine you fed me
Gel capsules of “You’re getting fat”
Cough syrup of “I wish you were a boy”
Injections of “One day you’ll know my disappointment” 
Your treatments were so effective
I’m 100% cured
Immune to whatever ails you
Or me
That’s not really true
Maybe I’m like you now
Love for all
For everyone but you

Mia is a self-proclaimed word nerd who loves to write about anything and everything. She also loves donuts, laughter, and books. Read more from Mia on her blog.