The Figment: A Writing Community

Holl & Lane Magazine // The Figment: A Writing Community Words by Mia Sutton

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]have a confession to make: I love words. It’s been a lifelong love affair. Reading them in books, and especially writing them on my own. There’s something about a word that can evoke so many different visions and emotions. It’s what I love about being a writer. When you have words in your heart, there’s nothing better than getting them out onto paper or the screen and knowing that you are fulfilling your life’s passion in some way – whether it’s a book, a blog post, a poem, or an article.

Sometimes writing can be lonely, though. Like when the people closest to you don’t understand why you’re always furiously scribbling in your notebook or when you pour your heart into a piece and then you begin to second-guess yourself and pick it all apart. What if you could have someone there to cheer you on, offer honest (and supportive) feedback, or brainstorm ideas? What if there was a place where you could talk about “writer-y” things and everyone would totally understand?

A dedicated writing community is something that I’ve wanted to find for a long time. And then I realized, I wanted to create one instead to appeal to ALL writers. But life and work and stress and all of those daily things got in the way and I just kept pushing this passion project on the backburner. But now that I have a little bit more free time on my hands, I decided that waiting another day to get this project off the ground would be torture. And so that’s how The Figment came to be.

The Figment is a writing community where all writers are welcome. There are discussion threads, writing prompts, and a community of like-minded people to act as sounding boards for one another. The tagline for the community is: Imagine. Write. Connect. And that’s exactly what the vision is for The Figment. If this sounds like a place you want to be, please come on over and join us. The Figment is open to all who have words in their heart and soul.