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Holl & Lane Magazine is a quarterly publication designed to connect women through shared experiences and real life stories. We’ve featured honest stories on mental health and addiction, infertility and miscarriage, love and loss, body image, self care and finding yourself, and so much more. Each story is told to inspire the reader to know she is not alone.  We're looking to partner with brands who celebrate women, who want to see them succeed, and who are trying to make change in the world.

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Sponsorship Options:

Full page magazine ad: $275 

(Limited to 10 per issue - designed by advertiser)

They say it takes seven times for a potential customer to see your business before they take action.  We want to make sure your business is seen by as many people as possible, so we'll feature you in seven different ways:

  1. You’ll be featured in our print and digital issues (bonus - our digital issues are clickable!)
  2. We’ll feature you on our Instagram page
  3. We’ll feature you on our Facebook page
  4. We’ll do a mini interview with you and post it on our blog
  5. We’ll feature the mini interview in our newsletter
  6. You can take over our Instagram Stories for a day and give our followers backstage access to your brand
  7. We’ll work WITH you on the last option to determine what would work best for YOUR business, because we know that one size doesn’t fit all - giveaway, community takeover, etc. it’s up to you!

Interested?  Email Sarah at

Advertiser Reviews:

"It was great working with Holl & Lane. As always, your team was incredibly helpful and professional." - Victoria, The Edie Company

"I got a lot out of this experience - getting to meet new people through social media, seeing follower growth. I've loved working with you guys and can't wait to do it again!" - Elizabeth, To Eat and To Love

Sponsor Spot : $150

This is for the brand who wants to support the magazine, be promoted on social media, but doesn't want to develop a whole campaign.

You will receive:

  • Your brand logo within the magazine under the "This issue made possible by.." section.  Your logo will be clickable within the digital issues.
  • Promotion twice each on Instagram (4,560+ followers), Facebook (1,920+ followers), and Twitter (460+ followers)*
  • Promotion within our newsletter (875+ followers)

*All follower counts updated as of 2/27/18

Our Audience and Statistics:

Our Audience:

  • 96% women
  • 48% between the ages of 25-34
  • 51% work full-time for someone other than themselves
  • 26% are self-employed
  • 46% have a total household income of $50,000 - $99,000
  • 55% are married
  • 50% have at least one child

Our Statistics:

  • Total Following: 10,000+ (combining social media profile, newsletter, and magazine subscribers)
  • Reaching: 68,400+ monthly (combining social media and website traffic)
  • We've had a 441% print circulation increase over the last few issues!
  • Statistics as of Sept 2017

Upcoming Availability:

  • Winter 2018 Issue: Courage - Ad Open 9/15/17
  • Spring 2018 Issue: Aging - Ad Open 12/15/2017
  • Summer 2018 Issue: Transformation - Ad Open 3/15/2018
  • Fall 2018 Issue: Impact - Ad Open 6/15/2018
  • Newsletter Sponsorship Available Now
  • Sponsored Blog Post Available Now


What our readers are saying:

Holl & Lane isn't a magazine. Sure, it looks that way. It has stories and a couple ads and pages to turn (or the ability to swipe if you're a digital reader type of person) but there's more to H&L than just that. When you think magazine, you think glossy pages at the end of a grocery store checkout aisle with some celebrity face on it, selling the latest beauty product, and telling you how to make your body look different so your sex life can be better. H&L isn't that. Beyond the thick, matte pages and simplistic cover design (that is clearly worthy of any coffee table) are evergreen stories about real life, strength, and perseverance. There are stories that say, "I've been where you are right now, and there are reasons you're going through this, and here's a way to pull yourself out of the pit you might be in." This isn't a magazine. This is a lifeline. This is someone, somewhere, saying you are not alone. This is a revolution to show women, you are perfect as you are and there are other women just like you who have been standing right where you feel you are right now. It's just that now, because of H&L, you know you are not standing there alone. - Chelsea Oliver