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We are a community of women sharing our hearts with boldness.

Holl & Lane is a print and digital publication focused on telling real stories from real women. We are behind the movement for more honest media. The mission behind our magazine is that each time you open up and share your story, you help someone else feel less alone. We've had stories on mental health, addiction, love, loss, body image, medical conditions, infertility, and so much more!

We're starting conversations that need to be had.

All of our stories have the common thread of inspiring the reader to know that they too can overcome their situation and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  




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Creator, Designer, Editor in Chief

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Editorial Manager

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Social Media Manager

Madisen Quick

Assistant to the Editor

Cristin Goss



At Holl & Lane, we know that your story is powerful. We invite you to step into the light and know that you are not alone. The tapestry of life can be heartbreaking, and it can be breathtaking. Your strength is woven through it all. We are a sanctuary for your soul, a refuge from judgment and misunderstanding. It’s OK to laugh, to cry, to rage, to struggle. It’s the bittersweet beauty of being alive.

We believe in the power of stories and how they connect us all with shared experiences.

We believe in truth because it will truly set you free. When we own our truths, the iceberg of fear begins to melt away.  

We believe in community because you do not have to go through life alone. We care about you and what you have to say. Shout it out loud!

We believe in empathy because “me, too!” is the shortest way to making a connection with another human being.   

We believe in inclusion and diversity because you are ALL welcome here. There’s no secret society or special password. Your sweet soul is the only RSVP you need.

We believe in strength because it manifests itself in truth. When you share your story - the trials, the triumphs, the tears, the smiles - your strength shines through as you embrace vulnerability and shut the door on shame.


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