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The Aging Issue

Age is just a number. It can be fought against tooth and nail, or embraced with open arms. Getting older is just a natural part of life's journey, one that we all walk together.  In this issue, we feature stories from women ages 20 to 90!

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Holl & Lane is a magazine reflecting your true life experiences. 
See your story in our pages.

With stories on miscarriage and infertility, mental health and body image, love and loss and so much more, we're opening the door on conversation and shutting the door on shame. 
We want you to read our stories and be able to say "me, too".  


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We are consistently inundated with articles, reminders, commercials, and ads that poke at us to remind us that we are not enough. We complain that we want change, that we want to see more body types, races, religions, orientations presented but so few are actually taking a stand and doing that... until this arrived in my mail box.

Holl And Lane Magazine is changing that! Imagine a whole magazine dedicated to positive thoughts about you, your body, your beauty. Yeah, paging through and see bodies that looked like mine was refreshing.

Trust me friend, you’ll want to check it out.
I am SO proud of Sarah and her team for taking a stand.
— Jenna Kutcher
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