Issue 12, Print Edition

Issue 12, Print Edition



2017 Collection, Volume II : The Mind

Our brand new issue is all about the mind and mental health.  1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental illness but yet it's so stigmatized that we often don't talk about it.  In this issue, we're changing that and sharing stories of vulnerability and overcoming mental illness.  

Great minds think alike. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. So many things have been written about the mind. But those four little letters don't seem to do justice to its complexity. Like an onion, it has an outer skin that acts as a shell, holding everything in and protecting it from the world. Remove the skin, and many layers are within. Peel back some of those layers, delve through the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves, and you'll likely find tears. Add some warmth, and it will soften. Sprinkle some seasoning and it will shine. And, to be honest, sometimes it just stinks. 

It can work with you, pushing you beyond your comfort zone; or against you, whispering doubts and holding you back. It bears the scars of time-tested battles between fortitude and fragility. And yet it perseveres, drawing strength from unknown reserves, with a backbone of steel and a heart of velvet. 

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Here's what a reader had to say:

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the latest issue of Holl & Lane. I'm in the middle of reading through it for the second time, and I'm still moved by how powerful the stories and photographs are.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been told my story, or my side of a story, or my chapter of a story, doesn't matter. It can be an incredibly frustrating feeling. Sometimes these stories and chapters are ugly and have shown me at my worst. When I've been told that they don't matter, that I don't deserve to share or explain, I've felt that I don't matter.  Thank you for creating a safe space for all kinds of stories to be shared. It's a wonderful reminder that every story matters, and raw honesty is an incredible form of inspiration. - Sarah

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Inside the Issue
Photography is My Therapy
Living for Today
Relationship Anxiety
The Dark Friend
Busy + Renewed
Peace of Mind
Beautiful Perspectives
From Angela to Mason
I Miss My Mom
Healing the Mind
The Other Side of Suicide
Authentically Beautiful
Mental Health of an Entrepreneur
It's Hardly Noticeable
Coping with Anxiety
Reactive to Proactive
Beneath the Surface
Gateway to Wholeness
Journeying Through Anxiety
Suffering in Silence
Learning to Celebrate