Issue 11, Print Edition

Issue 11, Print Edition



2017 Collection, Volume I

At the start of a new year, you'll often hear people say it's time to start over. Or it's time to turn the page, or start a new chapter, or turn over a new leaf... Take your pick, you've probably heard them all and more. What they all seem to have in common is that you're leaving something negative behind. But what if we view it through a different lens?  

In this issue, we'll be talking all about beginnings and how they impact our lives. A beginning holds so much promise and hope. It's the threshold of what can and will be. It's our future, laid out before us, revealed only one snapshot at a time. What will your portrait look like when you're in between the frames of the lessons you've learned and the potential you've just begun to realize? Sometimes the picture gets blurry, or the lighting is not quite right. But as your story develops, all it takes is one flash to change everything. 

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