Holl & LAne - Music for the soul

Do you have a favorite song? One that stops you in your tracks. One that makes you close your eyes in appreciation. One that speaks those words that you can't seem to express on your own.

At Holl & Lane, we feature a playlist in every issue designed to touch your soul in some way. We hope that you enjoy our selections and that the songs help to brighten your day. 

"Music always makes me feel less alone in the mess." ~Brené Brown

Issue 11 - The Beginning




A beginning holds so much promise and hope. It's the threshold of what can and will be. It's our future, laid out before us, revealed only one snapshot at a time.

Curated by Chelsea Oliver

Issue 10 - The Family

Family is the common thread that holds us all together, whether your family is established by blood or choice. And guess what? We're so glad that YOU are a part of the Holl & Lane family.

Curated by Chelsea Oliver

Issue 9 - Strength

What does it mean to be strong? Strength is standing up for yourself, or others, when no one else will. Strength is being tested with the toughest situations imaginable and standing tall through sheer will and determination.

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Issue 7 - Celebration

At Holl & Lane, there's always a reason to celebrate, and you are our most welcome and loved guests. We saved you a seat at the table. Party on.

Issue 8 - Mystery

Let us take you back to a time when you had choices and untraveled paths in front of you. Feel the butterflies in your stomach as you contemplated where you'd go, how you'd feel, and what you'd do. 

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Issue 6 - Following Your Passion

We all have dreams and big goals. And we want to cheer you on and light that fire in your soul. This issue was all about following that big dream.  The world is waiting for you.  So, go do big things!

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Issue 5 - Starting Anew

There's something rejuvenating about changing the calendar to a new year. I think that's why so many people make resolutions, set goals, and start fresh chapters in their life on January 1. It's time to embrace & celebrate!

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Issue 4 - Holiday Song Covers

By the time the pumpkin spice everything is put away, we are beyond ready to break out the Christmas music. Holiday tunes have such a joyful feel to them. Here are our favorites - with a twist!

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Issue 3 - Icebreakers

You've been there before - one of those parties where everybody is awkwardly standing around. Nothing brings people together better than a playlist of crowd favorites! These songs will inspire anyone to sing along.

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Issue 2 - Get Focused

Have a big project to take care of? Turn on these tunes and get down to the task at hand!

Curated by Micah Chaplin

Issue 1 - Get Pumped Up

You know how you need those perfect, get-up-and-go songs when you work out? These tunes are ready to pump you up!

Curated by Sarah Wissinger