we are a community of women that share our hearts with boldness.

Holl & Lane is a print and digital publication focused on telling real stories from real women. We are behind the movement for more honest media. The mission behind our magazine is that each time you open up and share your story, you help someone else feel less alone. We've had stories on mental health, addiction, love, loss, body image, medical conditions, infertility, and so much more!

We're starting conversations that need to be had.

All of our stories have the common thread of inspiring the reader to know that they too can overcome their situation and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  In addition, we donate $1 from each sale to a charity based on the theme of the issue.


Sarah Hartley
Founder + Editor in Chief

+ Hates chocolate, loves brownies.
+ Once worked as a fashion buyer.
+ Likes to pretend she's a photographer.

Mia Sutton
Editorial Manager

+ Speaks Thai.
+ Eric Church once shook her hand.
+ Hates cheese, and will pick it off pizza.


Jess Downey
Social Media Manager

+ Has 11 tattoos.
+ Terrified of birds, lakes & dark places.
+ Husband found her on OkC because he searched for beer.

Madisen Quick
Editor's Assistant

+ Lives on a farm with 11 alpaca
+ Bakes a killer blackberry pie
+ Attends a women's college



Cristin Goss is the founder of gossBoss Marketing & Brand Strategy. She helps other mom entrepreneurs boost their business using video marketing. After working together, her clients not only feel confident to get on camera, but they gain the skills to keep created branded videos. She is a self-described video nerd and total Machead.

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Our Holl & Lane Ambassadors


Brooke Lindsay is a one - woman boutique social media management company with a knack for unique visuals. She is currently growing her brand in the great city of Los Angeles with her hubs and fur child. 

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Catalina is an advocate of celebrating the little things in life, with the hopes of inspiring others to embrace a simpler and more positive lifestyle. Authenticity and genuine connections are big focuses for her future social and creative endeavors, so naturally she has aligned her journey with ours!



Claudia is a travel and coffee enthusiast.  When she is not traveling, she is an event planner and coordinator.  One of her favorite quotes is from Scarlett Thomas --“People make events into stories. Stories gives events meaning.”  This quote describes her enthusiasm for planning of events and a way to share stories that celebrate and commemorate milestones in people’s lives.



Fueled by black coffee and dark chocolate, Layla bb Solms is a wife of 22 years to Daniel, mom of 2, and social media content maker. She loves to read, write, and talk to animals and babies who she's just met. Layla took the long road to finishing her degree (elementary ed) and the short road to realizing that the public school system isn't her jam. Helping small business owners share their passions and talents on social media brings her joy. 

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Megan is a wardrobe editor and style strategist whose former life of over-shopping and trying to keep up with the trends, helps her empathize with and assist those who want to live more stylishly, simply and purposefully. She's constantly seeking out new ways to be more present and mindful...and has a minor obsession with Frozen's Olaf. 

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Megan is the cofounder of Shield Sisters Initiative, and resident mindset mentor for entrepreneurs balancing mental health and business. She helps her clients uncover and embrace their truths, allowing them to live their passions purposefully. 

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Rebecca VanDeMark is an author, artist, blogger, and speaker who loves life and the miracle of hope. Rebecca is the author of five books including, “December Caravan” and “Praying through Lyme Disease”. Rebecca delights in celebrating the beauty of the ordinary each day as she fights Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease in addition to other health issues. 

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Raymond Ramirez-Manzo is a cat-lady trapped in a boy’s body and a calligrapher & the creative behind, KidGolightly Calligraphy

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