We are more than a magazine.  We are a community of women that share our hearts with boldness.  We seek inspiration and encouragement in the big stories and the little details, and together we create home and add flavor to everyday life.

The message at Holl & Lane is a simple one- each time you open up and share a part of your story, you help someone else feel less alone. We are a place to sit, away from the storm, and realize that others have been through hard times too and made it through. And so will you. We will continue to tell stories that are inspiring, empowering, and brave. We’ve had stories on PTSD, being a teen mom, life as a military wife, postpartum depression, cultural identity, a mother’s disappearance, addiction and eating disorders, divorce, weight loss surgery, and so much more. We’re so proud of our stories and so humbled that women are allowing us to tell them.



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